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Kolam: What The Hand Said

Kolam: What The Hand Said

Kolams are curvilinear shapes drawn by Tamil women, usually early in the morning and usually just outside the house. Kolams have fascinating relationships with the labyrinths of Crete, sona drawings of the Chockwe and picture grammars.

Caste, Closure & Contagion

Caste is not the same thing as class or race. I argue that it’s better to think of it as a “closure system” rather than a hierarchy. A closure system is … what the heck, read the damn thing. Inspired by Christopher Alexander’s essay: “A City Is Not A Tree.”

Ninda Stuti

“Stuti”, pronounced “Sthuthi”, means “prayer/song”. “Ninda” means “blame/complaint.” A “ninda stuti” is essentially a prayer that’s also a bitchin’. It’s fun, really. God had it coming.