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From The Trenches

Time For Bedlam

Shockwave And Other Cyber Stories

Return Of The Raven

Apex World SF

Tangled Bank Anthology
Exotic Gothic Vol. 2

Mothership Anthology

Music of the Stars Anthology

Whispers Anthology

Sports Stories
How To Live On Other Planets
Stories for Chip Delany
End Of The Road
Sharpnel Minima


Twelve anthologies. One hundred+ authors. Over fifteen countries. Hundred+ stories. Half a million words. The anthologies listed here span a multitude of genres, authors, countries, words and ideas. They also include some of my stories. Among others:

Some of these stories are available on the Short fiction page. But do the right thing. Open the wallet and spread the love a little.

Once, the cheapest way to buy a new book was to go to the publisher’s store or a bricks-and-mortar bookstore. That’s not true anymore. A lot of anthologies are one-off efforts and the publisher may no longer be around to offer deals. Even if they are, online bookstores often have better deals. So here’s a search-form that’ll find the best prices for each of the above volumes using the Bookfinder site.



The cover-images are linked, where possible, to the publisher’s sites.